Is CBD The Same as Marijuana?

Cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients in marijuana, second only to THC – the part of the hemp plant that gives you the “high” feeling. Even though CBD is just one of the components of marijuana, don’t be concerned – it is not the part that will give you that elevated, euphoric feeling. CBD in its various forms is widely available all over the United States – even though each state has their own legal rules regarding it. CBD can be found in face creams, chap sticks, oils, muscle rubs, vape products, and gummies, protein bars (NEW)…just to name a few!


Health and Wellness Benefits of CBD

CBD has been studied quite frequently, mainly for its use in treating various medical ailments. These conditions include depression, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and even disorders like cancer and multiple sclerosis.

One study in particular that lasted for three months surveyed CBD users to figure out why they use CBD; by the end of the study, it was noted that over 60% of the participants questioned used CBD and its related products in order to treat some sort of pre-existing medical condition. The top conditions that people used CBD for included anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis. What’s interesting about these three conditions is that within the preliminary research done on CBD, it has been shown to have properties that lend towards being an anti-inflammatory, as well as an antioxidant – perfect for treating pain!

How Does CBD Work in The Body?

Essentially, cannabidiol works by causing a physical reaction within receptors inside the body, particularly all receptors that deal with decreasing inflammation. When comparing the 3-month survey results with current clinical research of CBD, it appears as though there is a good connection between the use of CBD and the subsequent decrease in pain and inflammation of users.

When it comes to depression and/or anxiety, CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on the serotonin receptors within the body and therefore might be a good fit as a treatment for with people that have PTSD, mental health issues, or even those recovering from drug addiction.

Safety of CBD

As far as adverse reactions or side effects go, more research still needs to be done; however, as of today there is no evidence that CBD usage has any negative effects on pregnant women and their babies, and it has also been shown to have no effect on physiological factors within the body unless given in high amounts (tested with animal behaviors). The research is still out on if CBD has negative interactions with prescription meds, and the effect of CBD on the immune system has shown a decrease in overall immune function at high levels.

Even with more research being needed, overall, we don’t see the same negative reactions to CBD in the body as we do with THC and marijuana usage; as far as information goes that has been provided to the World Health Organization, the use of CBD is safe, and it has the ability to produce positive therapeutic reactions and effects for several medical conditions.

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