With the booming health and fitness industries today, it’s no surprise that there are all new trends out there in the wellness world for 2019. As technology improves, easily accessible workouts are prevalent, and healthy food becomes more convenient, people all over the world can enjoy a piece of the ever-popular fitness pie. Check out some of the fastest growing health trends this year!

1. HIIT: otherwise known as high-intensity interval training, this quick workout (typically programmed for less than 30 minutes) will be burning some serious calories and delivering results! With these short, high intense classes, more will be popping up on your local group exercise schedule – not only because they get the job done, but they’re also easier for members to work into their busy schedules.

2. Functional Fitness: with the flourish of obstacle course races, CrossFit boxes, and non-traditional exercise programs, functional fitness is booming now more than ever. With the idea is to improve mobility and overall movement that is similar to how we perform every day, exercises like squats (to help get up from a chair), lunges (to climb stairs), and farmers carry (to haul in the grocery bags), are just a few examples of multidimensional fitness that you’ll find trending today.

3. Self-Care Mindset: pressures are on all sides when it comes to personal health and wellness, especially in the social media world; meal prep Sundays, selfies in the gym…the list goes on. However, it’s not really considered self-care if you’re trying to pack more into your schedule than you can actually handle – which is why people are leaning towards simplifying their overall routines. When you’re able to take care of yourself in every aspect of life – physically, mentally, and emotionally, just to name a few – then you’re going to end up having more energy to do the things you want to do! Blocking the schedule to have dinner with a friend, making time to read a book for a while, or even taking the kids on a random trip to the zoo are all means of self-care…and aren’t the least bit selfish.

4. Equipment Variability: barbells and dumbbells will always be fitness staples, but smaller fitness tools like resistance bands, Gliders, and kettlebells require more attention to detail while using, especially when it comes to technique and form. These pieces of equipment can also provide an avenue for training at different intensities, which is ideal for someone who is new to exercise, an athlete recovering from an injury, or someone just taking an active recovery day in general.

5. Intuitive Eating:  many people are used to calorie counting and restrictive eating in order to lose weight or reach a certain goal; intuitive eating helps to push all that to the side. Intuitive eating doesn’t mean you’re counting calories and weighing your meals…on the other hand, quite the opposite! Meant to free your mind from the rampant negative body and diet culture of today, intuitive eating is a well-rounded mind and body approach to being healthy – both by listening to your body, and fulfilling those needs through appropriate diet and exercise – no scale included.

Although this is just a small compilation of trending health and wellness initiatives for 2019, there are many more out there…keep an eye out for what will best suit you, your lifestyle, and your overall fitness goals – and therefore help to maintain a whole, balanced way of life.

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